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Common Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be lucrative transactions for all involved parties. However, these are highly complex transactions with a lot at stake, and many issues can arise that might put the deal in jeopardy, often resulting in losses or liability. It is important to recognize the issues that you...

Should You Draft Your Own Contracts?

A contract is a business agreement that is in place to ensure that the legal rights of all involved parties remain protected. When contracts are not drafted precisely to suit the needs of the involved parties, potential risks can arise. Consequently, you should leave it to an experienced attorney...

Burdick v. Burd Brothers, Inc., 2019-Ohio-1593 (Clermont County, Twelfth District)

In a recent opinion out of Ohio’s Twelfth District, a family owned and operated business was sued by a shareholder/employee when his employment was terminated. It appeared the company provided certain vehicle benefits to all shareholders, even if they were not employees of the company. However, when the shareholder/employee...

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