Akron Elder Law Attorneys

Akron Elder Law Attorneys

According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of people aged 65 or older in the country came to 52 million in 2018. By the year 2030, all members of the Baby Boomer generation will join this group, making it a significant portion of the population. Each and every one of these seniors faces important legal decisions, and they should be able to rely on experienced Akron elder law attorneys for sound advice. 

What is Elder Law?

While many areas of law focus on specific types of cases, elder law is defined by the type of people it serves. People over the age of 65 face specific legal challenges during this season of life. 

Elder law attorneys aim to give clients more autonomy and a higher quality of life in their golden years. With this mission in mind, elder law can cover any legal matter that affects someone due to his or her age. Perhaps the two most significant areas of elder law are Medicaid planning and nursing home abuse cases. 

Medicaid Planning with Akron Elder Law Attorneys

Senior citizens often get to retirement age with significant savings and assets. In most cases, clients want to use these funds to enjoy their retirement and pass along something to their loved ones. However, many seniors also come to a time in their lives when they need to rely on Medicaid to pay for medical care

Elder law attorneys help ensure these two needs do not come at odds. With proper Medicaid planning, seniors can qualify for Medicaid assistance without losing their life savings to nursing homes and other facilities. While early planning is ideal, we strive to help people minimize the damage at any point in a client’s life. 

End Nursing Home Abuse with Akron Elder Law Attorneys

While nursing homes should be safe places in which senior citizens can spend their final years, some people take advantage of vulnerable seniors and abuse them. It’s important for loved ones to look out for the signs of abuse:

  • Emotional abuse: malicious nursing home employees may leave residents isolated for long periods of time or yell at residents with hurtful, abusive language. 
  • Malnutrition: while it may seem like common sense that nursing home residents are given the food they need to thrive, malnutrition is a serious problem in nursing homes across Ohio. Sometimes even when food is offered, residents do not eat unless someone ensures they do. 
  • Bedsores: People who cannot move themselves need others to turn them regularly. Whether due to understaffing or purposeful neglect, some nursing home residents do not get the attention they need.
  • Physical abuse: unfortunately, nursing home residents may be physically abused by staff or other residents. 

If someone experiences any type of abuse in a nursing home or similar facility, an elder law attorney can help bring the perpetrators to justice. In most cases, the nursing home is legally liable for the damage this abuse causes, and victims can seek justice through civil torts.

How to Choose an Akron Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is as complex as it is important. That’s why it’s essential for senior citizens in need to choose Akron elder law attorneys with experience and compassion. If you’re facing an elder law case, contact Niekamp, Weisensell, Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP, for a free consultation today.

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