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When starting a business, many owners are told that they need the help of a Canton commercial law attorney.

However, business owners do not know why they need legal advice at this time or how a lawyer can help.

Truthfully, an attorney can advise you on any legal issue related to your business. Whether it is a disgruntled employee filing a wrongful termination suit, or helping you structure your business, all business owners need an experienced attorney on their side. Read on to learn more about how a commercial attorney can help you in your business.

Business Contracts in Canton Commercial Law

At the crux of every business lies a contract or two. These contracts are drafted for employees, vendors, contractors, and more, and they must clearly outline the terms of a relationship. Drafting them incorrectly without the right verbiage or with loopholes that release a person from their responsibilities can greatly hurt a business.

Commercial lawyers can help negotiate and draft these contracts to ensure that does not happen. When someone breaches a contract or injures the business in any other way, an attorney can help, as well.

Business Formation in Canton Commercial Law

There is a lot to do when starting a business, and dealing with legal matters is not generally top of mind for the business owner. A commercial lawyer can help iron out the details pertaining to:

  • Partnership agreements
  • LLC formation
  • Corporate governance, including creating bylaws and operating agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements
  • Drafting and enforcing supply and service agreements
  • Settling intellectual property matters

When starting a business, creating an employee handbook can greatly protect business owners in the future. A commercial lawyer can help with this, along with drafting non-solicitation and non-compete agreements and they will help you follow proper procedure when hiring or firing employees.

Commercial Litigation in Canton Commercial Law

Businesses rarely want to go through litigation to settle a dispute. Unfortunately, sometimes they have to. Ownership disputes, contract disputes, construction litigation, and employment claims are just a few of the types of disputes that result in litigation.

A commercial lawyer may try to settle these disputes through mediation or arbitration. When those methods do not work, though, it will need to go through litigation so the courts can decide on the matter. A commercial lawyer will represent the business owner throughout settlement talks in order to resolve the issue faster but is also prepared to take the case to trial if necessary.

A Commercial Law Attorney in Canton is Your Best Business Partner

Creating and effectively operating a business is difficult. There are many issues to address and often business owners are overwhelmed with the legal work involved. This is where a Canton commercial law attorney can help.

If you are a business owner and have a pressing legal issue, contact Niekamp, Weisensell, Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP today. We have experience helping many business owners resolve conflicts or prevent issues from arising, and we want to help you with your business, too. We offer free consultations so call us today or fill out our online form to learn more.

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