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Handling a Wide Range of Commercial Law Matters for Many Types of Businesses

Any type of business will face legal issues and questions. The law and business are thoroughly intertwined, and any legal mistakes can be incredibly costly and might even put an entire enterprise in jeopardy. If you are a business owner and need any type of legal assistance – whether you need advice or representation in court – contact Niekamp Weisensell Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP, and learn how a commercial law attorney near you can help. 

Commercial Law Services

Our experienced legal team has worked with companies of all sizes in many different industries, and the legal concerns of each company can vary widely. The firm can assist you in all stages of business, and some services we provide involve the following and more:

  • Business formation
  • Owner and operating agreements
  • State filings for LLCs and corporations
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Contract review and drafting
  • E-commerce
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local laws
  • Commercial leases and real estate transactions
  • Insurance coverage
  • Employment matters
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Having the right commercial attorney handle your transactional needs can work to prevent legal disputes from arising in the future, and it can set your company up for success. 

Commercial Litigation

While our lawyers do everything we can to avoid disputes, conflict can still arise regarding your company that might disrupt your success. Such disputes can involve owners, shareholders, employees, other companies, consumers, or even government agencies. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who will try to find an out-of-court resolution to your dispute whenever possible. 

Unfortunately, negotiations are not always successful, and one party to the dispute might escalate the matter by filing a lawsuit. If you believe you need to file a lawsuit or another party files a claim against your business, you need the right commercial litigation lawyer on your side immediately. 

We assist with dispute resolution in many ways, including:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Administrative hearings
  • State court lawsuits
  • Federal court lawsuits

Disputes can involve contract law, antitrust laws, employment laws, real estate law, and much more. It requires a knowledgeable lawyer to step in and handle whatever type of business conflict you are facing. Our firm regularly represents companies in the following disputes, among others:

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Merger and acquisition disputes
  • Commercial collections 
  • Breach of contract allegations
  • Trademark or copyright infringement
  • Employment disputes, including employment contracts and severance agreements
  • Commercial leases and real estate deals
  • Non-compete litigation
  • Antitrust litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Business fraud
  • Tax disputes

Each case will have its own litigation strategy based on the circumstances and laws involved. Our lawyers work to negotiate settlement agreements when possible, but will not hesitate to represent your business at trial. 

Contact a Commercial Law Attorney Near You for More Information

Whether you need transactional assistance or dispute resolution, the law firm of Niekamp Weisensell Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP, is ready to assist you. Contact us online today to set up a consultation with a commercial law attorney near you and learn about our services. 

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