Medina Business Law Attorneys

Medina Business Law Attorneys

Business owners face a wide variety of legal matters every day. With good legal advice and advance planning, you can protect your business from liability and reduce the chance of costly litigation. A Medina business law attorney can help you start planning today to maximize your company’s legal protections and minimize its liabilities. 

Legal matters that jeopardize your business

There are many different types of legal liabilities that could place your business in danger of shutting down. Here are a few of the most common: 


Almost every business owner will need to negotiate contracts. Your vendors, service providers, and customers will all have a financial interest in the business you conduct with them. A clear written agreement will protect you from disputes, costs, and legal liability in your transactions. 

Taxes and planning

There are many different types of taxes that can burden an unprepared business owner. Payroll taxes, income taxes, and property taxes are all different types of liabilities that require different preparations. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney or CPA to ensure that you are properly prepared for all taxes that will be assessed against you, your business, and your property. 

Premises liability and worker’s compensation

Owners of retail premises have a legal duty of care towards the customers who are invited to spend money there. Generally, a shopkeeper must inspect the premises and make them safe. Dangerous conditions cannot be allowed to remain. If they do, and a customer is injured, the owner of the retail premises can be liable for reimbursing all of the victim’s injuries and losses. 

Employees can also be injured in the workplace. Injured workers must usually file a worker’s compensation claim instead of a premises liability claim, but both claims cost the employer money. Increased premiums can be very burdensome – especially to a new business that is struggling to turn a profit. By enacting safety regulations in the workplace, you can reduce the risk of both premises liability claims from customers and worker’s compensation claims from employees. 

Employment liability

Worker’s compensation claims are not the only liability an employer can face. State and federal laws prohibit a wide variety of discrimination in the workplace. Hiring, training, performance reviews, discipline, and termination can all expose an employer to liability. It is important to have very specific procedures in these areas in order to reduce the risk of a discrimination claim. Because discrimination is often subtle and not overt, it is important to be as thorough as possible in your documentation of company policies and actions taken involving a particular employee. 

Medina business law attorneys providing experienced, aggressive representation for business owners

The experienced Medina business law lawyers at Niekamp Weisensell Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP know how to handle legal matters involving Ohio businesses of all sizes. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Don’t wait – the sooner you get dependable legal advice, the better protected your business will be. Our experienced attorneys can help you prevent and resolve many different business litigation matters. 

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