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It is no secret that disputes arising in the commercial and business contexts can be costly and complicated affairs. One of the main reasons why commercial disputes are so complicated is that they typically involve a number of different transactions, written contracts, and parties. These disputes are equally difficult to litigate, and legal proceedings often involve the close examination of many documents and different types of evidence needed to support a claim. 

The experienced Medina commercial litigation lawyers at Niekamp, Weisensell, Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP can help you with building an effective litigation strategy, reviewing all of the necessary documentation, making sense of all the legal complexities, and presenting your case in court if the matter goes to trial. Commercial litigation disputes also typically require a thorough understanding of contract law – including the Uniform Commercial Code – and its applicability to various commercial transactions. Our legal team has a thorough understanding of these laws and regulations and can assist you and your business throughout the entire litigation process. 

How Commercial Litigation Typically Works in Ohio

The commercial litigation process begins once a lawsuit is filed in the court system. Once a lawsuit has been filed, the courts usually set a one-year time schedule that concludes with a trial. During the approximately twelve months leading up to the trial date, the parties involved in the commercial litigation may be filing written motions, exchanging written documentation and other information during the discovery process, and/or requesting some type of pre-trial relief or judgment from the court. 

Commercial litigation is often costly. Consequently, there is a strong incentive for all of the parties involved to take part in settlement negotiation proceedings, mediation, and other types of alternative dispute resolution, to avoid having to take the matter to trial. If the case ultimately goes to trial (usually in cases that have large amounts of money or the future of a company at stake), an experienced attorney can often make a significant difference and can zealously advocate for your business’ interests in the courtroom. 

Areas of Legal Representation

Our experienced legal team represents litigants in various types of commercial litigation proceedings, including:

  • Disputes involving construction and revocation contracts
  • Disputes over partnership or ownership interests
  • Disputes that involve one or more real estate contracts
  • Disputes arising over a mechanic’s lien
  • Disputes that involve commercial leases
  • Technology disputes or disputes that involve intellectual property
  • Disputes that involve contracts for services or goods
  • Employment disputes

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Commercial litigation can be a lengthy and costly affair. If you or your business is involved in a commercial dispute, you want a team of litigators on your side who will work to streamline the process and make it as painless as possible. 

The skilled legal team at Niekamp, Weisensell, Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP is just as comfortable at the negotiation table as they are at trial. Our lawyers will zealously advocate for your business interests and pursue the best possible resolution to your commercial dispute.  To schedule a consultation or case evaluation with a Medina commercial litigation lawyer, contact us online today.

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