Parma Commercial Attorney

Parma Commercial Attorney

Considering the increased complexities of doing business in Ohio, it is no surprise that disputes arise over creditor’s rights, bankruptcy, leasing arrangements, and other transactions. At Niekamp, Weisensell, Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP, it is our main goal to keep your company out of court through savvy dispute resolution tactics. However, we are ready to protect your interests if litigation becomes a last resort.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with an experienced Parma commercial attorney. You can also read on for an overview of our legal services for all types of business organizations in Ohio.

Prioritizing Your Commercial Law Interests in Cuyahoga County, OH

Complex contracts, transactions, financing agreements, and related business matters require a firm grasp of the Ohio Commercial Code, state law, and bankruptcy rules. In addition, different cases may proceed in federal or state court, necessitating experience in both types of form. Our commercial law attorneys provide skilled representation in such areas as:

Banking and Finance: Our attorneys have comprehensive experience in financial transactions and the disputes that commonly arise out of them, such as troubled loans and business restructuring.

Bankruptcy and Contested Claims: Whether you are on the creditor or debtor side, we will protect your interests in bankruptcy proceedings. We have represented clients in all types of insolvency-related disputes and contested claims. Our attorneys also have keen investigative skills to uncover fraudulent transfers and other types of misconduct.

Commercial Leasing: Lease agreements for commercial space are more complicated than their residential counterparts, with fewer legal protections, complex terms, and in-depth negotiations. Improvements, subleases, use clauses, base rent, and rent increases are common sources of disputes.

Equipment Financing and Leasing: Equipment leases offer advantages over purchases, but many leasing company and lessees still find themselves embroiled in disagreements over delivery, acceptance, installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our lawyers attempt to negotiate an acceptable resolution to avoid disruptions to your business.

Sales of Goods: The Ohio Commercial Code is specific about scenarios that require a written sales agreement and the terms that the document must include. When disagreements occur over price, quality, quantity, delivery, inspection, and return, we can assist in getting over legal hurdles.

Commercial Paper: The Ohio Commercial Code also covers commercial paper transactions, such as promissory notes, debt instruments, letters of credit, and many other documents covering short-term loans.

Our Commercial Law Team Represents All Types of Businesses

Our lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge to assist all types of business organizations, including:

  • National and regional banking organizations;
  • Secured and unsecured creditors;
  • Debtors, lessors, and lessees;
  • Bankruptcy trustees and receivers;
  • Equipment leasing companies; and,
  • Many other types of entities.

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As a business owner or stakeholder, you can not afford to allow a commercial law issue to disrupt your organization. Trust our legal team at Niekamp, Weisensell, Mutersbaugh & Mastrantonio, LLP to protect your interests. Please contact our office to learn more about how a Parma commercial lawyer can be an asset in any type of dispute. You can reach our office to schedule a consultation by calling 330.434.1000 or visiting us online.

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