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Mergers And Acquisitions Attorneys In Akron Serving Clients In Northeast Ohio

Most businesses grow through the mergers and acquisitions process, but this procedure is not nearly as straightforward as buying or selling real estate. There are a number of things to consider, and any misstep can result in significant consequences down the road. Before, during and after mergers and acquisitions, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. Your attorney should understand both the dynamics of your business and the intricacies involved in mergers and acquisitions.

The thorough attorneys at Weisensell, Mastrantonio & Orlando, LLP., take a deliberate, step-by-step approach in these matters. We complete one task before we move on to the next one. This attitude helps us cover all the bases and make sure your legal and financial interests are protected. Our clients are not just our customers. Rather, they are our partners, and we have just as much at stake in the outcome as they have.

How To Acquire A Business In Ohio

Nearly all businesses have multiple stakeholders and/or decision-makers. Everyone must be on the same page. Or, in the alternative, minority interests must be accounted for. Aggrieved minority parties can effectively derail the business acquisition process. This procedure includes:

  • Negotiating with stakeholders: Our attorneys are not just top litigators. They are also very good negotiators who know how to get the deal done. If these negotiations involve compromise, we always ensure that your interests remain protected.
  • Financing: A lawyer is obviously not a banker, but we do have relationships in the banking and finance community, and we can connect you with the help you need at the time you need it.
  • Valuing assets and liabilities: Sometimes, the book value of an asset or liability only tells part of the story. Attorneys, often working with accountants and other financial professionals can accurately value intangible assets and liabilities, like business goodwill or “handshake agreements.”
  • Due diligence: As the name implies, due diligence is simply the process of going over the numbers and ensuring that everything is as it seems. In this context, surprises are almost always bad things.
  • Compliance issues: Government watchdogs are concerned about a multitude of regulations. Examples include monopoly potential, workplace safety, liquor control, medical coding and environmental discharge. Once again, our attorneys work to ensure that there are no surprises..

While we work diligently, we understand that time is often of the essence. So, we also work hard to keep things moving forward.

Steps For A Successful Business Merger

Generally, the merger process requires less due diligence, since the company to be merged still retains some independence.

Shareholder actions are the main threat to successful mergers. In many cases, these derivative actions can undo months of planning and work. At the very least, they cause distracting and costly delays. Our approach is always to get ahead of the curve, anticipate difficulties, and deal with them before they mushroom into serious problems.

Determined To Help You Meet Your Goals

It is important to ensure that mergers and acquisitions are completed quickly and done right. For a free consultation with an experienced business litigation attorney in Akron, call Weisensell, Mastrantonio & Orlando, LLP., at 330-434-1000 or contact us online. Offsite appointments are available.