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Individualized Legal Representation For The Akron Community

Weisensell, Mastrantonio & Orlando, LLP., has been practicing in the Akron area since 2001. Our firm was first established to serve high-profile clients in commercial and business litigation, as well as creditors’ rights, corporate structure, and governance. Since then, we’ve grown our staff and our client base to cover even more areas of litigation – from criminal defense to personal injury, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, e-commerce and everything in between. We employ an experienced and trustworthy staff of attorneys and support personnel, all hand-picked to expand our legal coverage.

At Weisensell, Mastrantonio & Orlando, LLP., we offer a highly-individualized service. We understand that every client’s needs are unique and that a client should expect a lawyer who knows and practices in the area he or she requires. Further, we like to build ongoing relationships with our clients, and offering assistance across multiple sectors allows us to assist in a whole range of legal matters for any given client. We put tremendous emphasis on our clients’ satisfaction, working to deliver professional service and extended one-on-one contact for clarity and mutual understanding, and to let our clients address any potential legal concerns.

Come Visit Us

We operate out of the Nantucket Building, a historic site with a long and storied past. The original Nantucket Building was destroyed in a fire in the late 19th century and then rebuilt in 1899 by a town judge – W.B. Doyle – as a courthouse. We are honored to continue this tradition of law and order by practicing in the building today, at it location in Akron’s historic market district.

Our Honored Attorneys

Awarding attorneys requires a long and arduous process, full of vetting and nominations. Given that, we are truly privileged to have a talented team of attorneys included on lists of Rising Stars, Super Lawyers, and Best Lawyers in America at Weisensell, Mastrantonio & Orlando, LLP., including:

Despite how much these awards mean to us in the legal community, we also understand clients are concerned with the outcome of their case, and the rest is academic. While it is impossible to promise any outcome in or out of the courtroom, we always offer our best professional counsel at a reasonable rate. The finest award we can imagine is a satisfied client.

In The Community

Akron has been good to us since our arrival in 2001, and we like to try to give back whenever possible. We sponsor many events and organizations in and around Akron including our involvement in multiple law associations. We also remain heavily invested in other pillars of the Akron community, including church organizations and school sports clubs, as well as the YMCA. After all, our community is built around these organizations, helping us create a vibrant and exciting town for everyone.

Statewide Impact

Some of our trial lawyers belong to a statewide organization of trial lawyers representing victims. This association allows us to share ideas on pending important issues in cases we are working on. It also allows us to locate just the right experts for your case who have specialized knowledge about the issues in your case that we need expert testimony on. This involvement and sharing of ideas allows us to better serve our clients and to obtain better results for them.

International Impact

While we love our community, we also strive to become better world citizens. At Weisensell, Mastrantonio & Orlando, LLP., we have the privilege of being associated with IR Global – an international law network with over 90,000 members worldwide.

While it is an honor to be involved, our connections through IR Global also help us serve our own clients – many of whom conduct international business. We occasionally draw on the knowledge of our co-members when a question of international law emerges that is outside of our purview. We also regularly attend events sponsored by the organization, which helps us stay up to date on the changing nature of law and encourages the exchange of ideas between law professionals around the globe.

Our Clients

We represent everyone from individuals seeking legal recourse to international corporations. We’re happy to say our client base is as diverse as our practice areas. Generally, our corporate clients consist of financial institutions, residential and commercial real estate landlords, entrepreneurs in a wide variety of businesses, and various other national and local market institutions. That said, we’re happy to discuss any case that walks through our doors. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or call the firm at 330-434-1000.