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Pfizer, Inc. & Rebecca Lynn Olvey Martin, an Individual & Jeffrey J. Rebenstorf, an Individual, 2019 WL 1314927

A recent decision from the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) held that an agreement barring an employee from discussing the results of an employment arbitration violates federal law. This decision is likely to have future impacts on contractual agreements between employees and employers. The National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA")...

Freezing Assets

A discussion about cross-border injunctions Today’s organizations often have a global footprint, with assets and bank accounts distributed across multiple jurisdictions. When there is a dispute with creditors, freezing those assets can become complicated. It is necessary to act with accuracy, speed, and discretion to ensure that assets can...

Burdick v. Burd Brothers, Inc., 2019-Ohio-1593 (Clermont County, Twelfth District)

In a recent opinion out of Ohio’s Twelfth District, a family owned and operated business was sued by a shareholder/employee when his employment was terminated. It appeared the company provided certain vehicle benefits to all shareholders, even if they were not employees of the company. However, when the shareholder/employee...

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